GOP: Presidential Debates tonight will be all about Dr. Carson and Economy



If Dr.Ben Carson is truly a good Christian and he knows his Bible he can tell the evangelicals tonight his past, and faith changed when he accepted Jesus Christ  as his Savior.

The Oracle says, it will help to repackage him in good light despite the negative stuffs in his book which the money man from New York  and former front runner Donald Trump may want to use on him tonight, in a debate which has pushed out Governor Chris Chrustie of New Jersey, and former Gov. Huckabee of Arkanasas  and others to level two meaning the checks from donors may no longer be coming.

IOWA, and New Hampshire  will be the beneficiaries of tonight’s debates and the winner will be the approved front runner of the Republican Party until NC and SC primaries, which is looking like the end race for the Bush legacy, and may see a push for Marco Rubio.

One thing is clear, Carly Fiorina will not get any boast from tonight’s debates and three of them may call it quit because the check will stop coming and it will be purely on Economy which will be to the advantage of Mr. Trump an employer of labor, men and materials.


Zents Sowunmi is a New York based political analyst. His books are available on


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