GOP Debates: Dr. Carson, Trump, Rubio Rand Paul may increase their numbers

  • Former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida, and Gov. Kisich of Ohio State did not do well, Carly Fiorina played a level headed intergeting others until she was cautioned by Trump.

Junior Senator Marco Rubio was presidential, but how that will improve his numbers will be seen when the new post debates polls is  out. He is looking like the establishment GOP candidate.

Without immigration and trade Mr. Donald Trump has no business being on the stage, he is learning to adjust to the rules of politics which may be why he is losing numbers.

However, Dr. Ben Carson dwas calmer and he displayed the kind of assurance you get from your Doctor despite being on a terminal disease.

The Oracle will not be surprised if Carson, Trump and Rubio became the winners of the 4th Presidential debates of GOP still with five more to go.

Highlights of the night was  Senator Ted Cruz from Texas who opposed a bailout for any financial institution if economy goes the way of 2008 under former Presudent George Bush. It was scary and it may shrink his polls.

Finally, the Fox Business under Neo Cobuto did a great job.





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