Get Ready to Go After It


I was so impressed with one of my friends lately when she turned her dreams of many years of becoming soap and cosmetics maker into success.

I was impressed at how she went from a vague wish, starting out her organic cream and soap business from nothing and makes a consistent effort to grow from just an idea to solid success because that is how it should be. 

And it got me thinking about you. Are you still dreaming of what you will become someday? How open are you to learning new things that will empower your dream? I know it is not easy.

Or maybe you are waiting for a miracle to happen… for some sort of helper that will positively affect every aspect of your dream to fall into your lap.

I understand it is so easy sometimes to get comfortable dreaming, wishing day-in and day out.

Sometimes, we forget to give ourselves over to strategies, plans and action steps which will elevate our dream from mere wishing to solid goals.

We might think that our dream will manifest just by waiting and keeping them away in our mental computer, but it requires action and more for it to manifest.

Take actions for what you want to become someday, for your dreams.

Just like me when customers were not forthcoming for my business, I got proactive and started going from school to school, company to company to present the values I have to offer and how it can benefit them to create more success in their lives. I activated my dream. I did not wait around. You have to stand up too and go after your dream.

The truth is that no one is going to help you actualize your dream until you take the first step.

No one can promote your dream for you the way you can for yourself.

So go after what you want to become someday today.

If I can provide coaching to help activate your dream for you, I would love to. I am a life coach, an etiquette, and image consultant and I am happy to help you create more success.

Establish a link between your dream and your goal today; learn what is required to achieve it. If you want your dream to succeed, knowledge and actions are crucial.

Creating more success with you,

Damilola Ogunremi.





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