Gbajabiamila: Can he protect Nigeria from the Core North?


Twice Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila of Lagos State tried as Speaker of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and this year 2019, he was considered for the position of Speaker by those who felt the South leadership through the Vice Presidency Yemi Osibajo was too weak within the 1999 General Abdul Salam’s Constitution to protect the interest of the South with the arrangement of APC with General Buhari group in 2015.

Today, Hon.Femi Hakeem Gbajabiamila, a newly revealed born again Muslim, with Hakeem as his middle name, at least through his Mecca dress without a smile on his face, few weeks ago, before his acceptance as the Speaker of the 9th National Assembly will now be the strongest politician from the South to challenge or protect the continued domination of Nigeria by the core North in the politics of the nation.

The Oracle says, what will never be revealed would be what was the secret  arrangement he agreed with the core North before the post was given to him?

Any of the do’s and don’ts that will touch on the control of the core North such as State and City Police, regional power, the Fulani herdsmen attacks on the farmers and their land, killings in some selected areas of the country particularly in South Kaduna, Shia group, Middle Belt and other equal distribution of positions and opportunities within the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

Gbajabiamila’s sincerity in Nigeria with equal opportunity and justice for all will be tested and compared to all his arrangement with the core North if any, 1999 Constitution must be thoroughly reviewed.

Will he stand up against a tyrant leadership? Will he speak out for Justice if the need should require him to speak? Will his House Leadership be a stronger oversight on the executive or he will just be another Speaker in the class of Hon. Bankole who smiled away all his time with nothing to show for it?

This Oracle says, those who want equal rights, justice and peace in Nigeria will monitor Hon. Femi Hakeem Gbajabiamila from Lagos State as he does his job at the mercy of those who granted his prayers. It will not be easy for him, it will require all the skills of Solomon and courage of David for Femi to be seen about board like Caesars’s wife.

Like late Dr. Tai Solarin wrote in the early eighties “May your days be rough” Femi’s days will be rough, if it is not, he will not be seen as man who would make a success of the position he is holding in trust for the nation if all he does is to please his masters.

Finally, the little consolation in Hon Femi Hakeem Gbajabiamila, in his oath taking he did not carry bag of Quran or Sharia like President Buhari and Acting Chief Justice did.

Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer.


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