G7 Summit: Why Nigeria is not pushing her weight


Have u seen any year of the G7 or G8 Summit without South Africa, and Egypt being there?


Any country with invitation to attend will have access to opportunities, talk directly with world leaders in economic language of mutual benefits, the G7 or G8 will check the country out for potentials , discuss opportunities if that nation can apply those principles they will open up investment and finances to that country, those are the basic principles of the summit.

200 million population is a big market and a big job creating economy that must always be Nigeria’s strength than Egypt and Sourh Africa. The Oracle says without strong and pro-active economic planning team the world of G7 or G8 will never take Nigeria serious.

The G7 or G8 Summit is like a Trade fair or Trade Show, to talk business and opportunities and mutual benefits , but if u have nothing to offer except the same thing all the time, they will consider such a nation a waste of time and they will not invite her again. This is the naked truth my brother.

Let us challenge our government that include St.Buhari and his VP Osinbajo all the time to up the game of Nigeria in the international market, e.g President TRUMP just last werk asked US companies to look for market outside China, a thinking government like Nigeria, by the second day should have been on the way to DC to offer US companies or their Chamber of Commerce what we can offer or call the US Ambassador in Nigeria for discussion or how strong is the economic team of all our Embassies in all these G7/G8 countries?

However, if RUGA, IPOB, Shiites killing are your priorities you will be watching the rest of the world like a parade and that should not be.




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