Fulani: Policy of philistinistic Manipulation


Fulani: The policy of Philistinistic Manipulation since 1804

Fulani, a wandering tribe from Futa Jalon in West Africa took over Hausa’s mind, and history in the 17th Century with the power of religion and politics finally, in 1804 after the death of Yunfa the Head of Gobir together they took the North history and culture away from the natural habitats, thereafter, they used the North collectively to control a porus and polarized South after they manipulated the British itself out of reasoning.

The Oracle says this is the story of Nigeria in the 21st Century, it is a game of mind and spirit, the power to manipulate the rest of the North to submit themselves mentally and spiritually to the Fulani is the core of the power of these 7 million people which spiritually began through the domination of Uthman bin Fuduye who later changed his name to Utman dan Fodio.

Using Pavlov theory of Conditioning to analyze Nigeria political satires since 1804, an average Northerner is now conditioned since Sokoto Caliphate captured the North to think or allow the Fulani to control his or her thinking and any attack or criticism on Fulani is technically seen as an attack on his own tribe itself.


Until now, most of the minorities or majorities of the tribes in the North see the Fulani as the protector of their interest, a bigger brother within a bigger country of 225 tribes.

Most of other Northerners with this mentality, spiritually and politically either by ommission or commission became spies for the Fulani within a larger corporate Nigeria to weaken the interest of other tribes for the Fulani to thrive, some without knowing the implication of their actions to their own heritage itself are naturally conditioned to think rocking the boat will expose them to the rest of the tribes.

Today, an average Hausa man is now assimilated and conditioned with a conquered thinking that in protecting and defending Fulani is in his own interest for survival within a corporate Nigeria.

Only Hausa can free Hausa from Fulani, it can not be done by any pressure group outside this great tribe with cherished history, it must be done through proper education and reminding them how great they were before they lost it all.

Are they wrong?

Before Uthman Dan Fodio destroyed Yunfa in 1804, Hausa ‘s history and culture was closer to Shongai and Ghana history, however, Fuduye came with the same strategy of the White men who used Christianity as a religion to enslave Africans, Dan Fodio in his own case, adopted Islam to weaken the Hausa tribe, he described as paganistic and lacking all in areas of social justices and in all the doctrines of Islam.

Dan Fodio was an extra ordinary Islamic teacher who who wrote over 100 books, on Islamic religion, philosophy and government, he was seen as a teacher with background in Surfis and Sunni ideologies.

History said, he assisted Yunfa to become the head Gobir, and Yunfa was at a time one of his students who got carried away and was eventually consumed when he first tried to kill Uthman Dan Fodio before in 1804 he was killed.

With Islamic power of mysticism with sufis ideology Uthman Dan Fodio left behind a conquered territory for his son Bello known as Sokoto Caliphate a mixture of Fudla and Fulani system embedded into the culture of the people he captured.

To continue where Dan Fodio stopped the rest of the Fulani in Nigeria would either come to you as a friend to weaken you in order to subject you, and your history to their control or as an enemy to physically, destroy you or even conquer your thinking with fear, there is no retreat with them.

How can a larger Nigeria reverse this for peace and stability?

Very simple, look at them in the face, stand your ground, cherish your history, ask question, challenge them mentally, let those in the House of Representatives and Senate address inequalities in the Constitution, encourage freedom and the right for all in all the 225 tribes to defend their freedom and promote law of trespass at all level, if you fail to do all these, Fulani will cognitively run over your land, culture and your future.

Oracle is a New York based writer and author.


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