Fulani herdsmen took over Imeko in Ogun State


Herdsmen Menace In Nigeria!

They took over land belonging to the Odu’a Investment Company in my domain- Onimeko of Imeko.

“Many Fulani herdsmen had already arrived my town, they have took over about 4,000 hectares of land belonging to the Odu’a Investment Company and chased away indigenes of the town close to the land.

The people of the town were afraid because they did not know what could happen next. We have held a meeting which a top official of the Department of State Services attended, this was done to prevent a surprise attack on our town; a border community between Nigeria and the Republic of Benin.

The leader of the herdsmen was brought to my palace today (Friday) and he said he came to that place through some people. I have called the Group Managing Director of Odu’a and I told him that herdsmen had taken over their land in Imeko. In 2018, Odu’a started work on the land which is about 4,000 hectares. They are planning to build a tomato paste factory on the land but they said they would train local farmers to grow tomatoes so that raw materials would not be in short supply when they start operations. But the herdsmen came and drove away all the farmers they met farming near the place. They grazed their cattle on their farms and destroyed their crops. Those ones fled. These herdsmen went further to dismantle the huts built by the farmers and used the materials to build their huts. They wanted to attack our people that went to meet them on Thursday but those ones ran away.

They attempted to attack them with machetes but our people ran away. The herdsmen brought weapons to the land they were occupying illegally, this prompted the meeting held in the community. I was told that the herdsmen said their target now is Imeko. They want to attack Imeko because they said the people of the town were the ones who resisted them from taking over this axis. They have a surreptitious plan to attack Imeko.

I have written many letters to the police requesting the establishment of stations and police posts in communities in the Imeko-Afon Local Government Area but nothing had been done.

– Onimeko of Imeko, Oba Oyeditan Olanite.


Sijuade Abiodun Oluwajana

where are the elders & leaders in our land?



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