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Emojipedia has released mockup images of the 38 emoji candidates for Unicode 9. All new candidates were based on popular request, gender-matching pairs and compatibility.
Some of the new candidates include face palm, selfie, shrug, fingers cross and a pregnant woman. The new list of candidates also has two strips of bacon, a clown and a shark.
The gender-matching emoji will give the princess a prince, a partner to the dancing woman in a red dress and a man in a tuxedo to the bride in white.
All emoji have to be accepted by the Unicode Consortium in order for them to be official. Once they have been approved, it’s up to Apple, Microsoft and Google to update their software in order to support and adopt the emoji.
Earlier this year the Unicode Consortium released 37 new emoji including a unicorn, popcorn and the highly anticipated taco emoji. These have not been adapted by any phone maker, yet.
The 38 emoji are still in candidate stage and are expected to be approved and released in mid-2016.
Here’s a full list of the candidates



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