Federal agents raided Trump’s tax practitioner for document


NEWSZENTS: The US Federal agents raided the tax office of the practitioner of 12 years who handled President Trump’s tax papers and five Court cases on his taxes in five states over millions of dollars in tax refund.

President Trump severed relationship with Burke Firm over what was called irreconciliable differences after 12 years of preparing  taxes and representing Trump Organization in all the cases in all the courts.

The US law requires all Tax firms  to inform, the government each time there is a break up in relationship and it was done by the firm to the City, state and Federal, that gave the Feds the openings and the opportunity to raid the Tax pratitioner office for document that may reveal more than what they currebtly  know about his business and investment in Russia and DuchettBank of Germany.

The raid even though did not mention Trump in name, it is hope,  it is a back door way of knowing details of Trump’s Tax papers which he is not legally bound to make public even though past US Presidents and candidates made a publicity of their tax papers.

Jeff Session former AG

In the fifties, when the government could not get the Mafia, their taxes became the weapon used to send most of them to jail, one of legal staffers of this Special Counsel Robert Mueller is an apostle  of the fifties mafia doctrine on taxes as a result of his past cases.

In a related case, the German Bank which in the past handled most of Trump’s Organization overseas businesses was also raided few hours ago for money laundering with the hope of linking President  Trump to deals in Russia over the hotel he wanted to build in Moscow but was cancelled when he ran for President.

Earlier this year, Trump’s attorney Cohen’s office was also raided by the FBI for document on all Trump’s dealings which made his former lawyer to plead guilty to lying to the Congress over Trump Tower meeting over Russia spy who was let into the country by Obama Department of Justics without visa.

The greatest mistake of Trump was the appointment of Senator Jeff Session of Alabama as his Attorney General instead of Ruddi Gulliani the former Mayor of New York, Jeff who picked Rod Rosenstein as his deputy AG had to recuse himself from any Russia related cases which could have blocked the appointment of Special Counsel which his Deputy Rod Rosenstein did.


Did Jeff Session use his Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to get at President Trump over what he saw during the campaign?

Rod Rosenstein memo to President Trump recommended the removal of James Comey as FBI Director of his handling of Hillary Email scandal, why did he ask the Special Counsel to investigate Trump over his own action? Did he feel he was used?

Will the appointment of Mr.  Whitaker  former  Chief of staff of Jeff Session as Acting Attorney General re-address or correct the mistakes of Jeff Session over the actions of Special Counsel beyond Russia collusions?


After spending $30m the Special Counsel is yet to see any collusion between Trump and Putin over 2016 election which Trump defeated the libetal favorite Hillary Clinton those found guilty just happen to have something in the past with nothing to do with 2016 campaign.




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