FBI failed 17 times in its work on 2016 says DOJ IG Report


US DOJ office of Inspector General (OIG )report found 17 lapses in Obama FBI activities over then candidate Donald Trump including tampering with evidence to get FISA warrants to monitor his campaign team.

However, the OIG report from the Inspector General an appointee President Obama did not find any political bias other than fraud on the part of the FBI staffers despite visible emails and documents to suggest the wiretapping of Trump was done to assist Hillary Clinton.

Newszent political analysts believed the report only protected the FBI from being totally exposed based on the disagreement of John Durham the Special prosecutor looking into the abuse of CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies action in the 2016 elections.

John Durham Special Prosecutor

“We did not agree with the findings of the IG” the office of the Special prosecutor John Durham released later today.

The 17 lapses placed a dent on FBI most importantly when vital documents were altered fraudulently to get Court order, if that was not a crime what would it be?

The Questions before the IG to the US Senate Judiciary Committee will be as follows.

1. At what stage did wiretapping of Trump team commenced? Before or after the Court Warrants? If it started before, that will make it illegal and the warrant was an excuse to cover illegality that was already committed.

2. At what stage did FBI realise Hillary Clinton paid for the report used by FBI to wiretap Trump campaign team?

3. Who authorized the fraudulent change of FISA document to the Court.

4. Why did the FISA Court continue to rely on fake document to investigate Trump and his team? With or without approval of Obana White House and his then Attorney General Lorrette?

The above, questions from the Sebate Judiciary committee  will also be of assistance to John Durham in his own report.

Readers most note, IG Report has no prosecutorial power except to refer to the DOJ however, that of John Durham can prosecute, meaning all those who attempted to take  down  Trump are not free from prosecution



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