Fake Assets Nigeria New Airline cost $6b


The CEO of Asset Management Corporation Mustafa Chike Obi in his twitter page questioned the irrational Airline deal between the Federal Government of Nigeria on the watch of President Buhari and his Pastor Vice President  Osibajo with some faceless owners of 95% of the in which the 5% allocated  to Nigeria will cost $300m.

Chike Obi a Goldmansach former staff wondered  why a deal between France and KLM for 31% cost only $286m in 2017 and that of Nigeria with the faceless crooks cost that much.

Over invoicing and secrecy in contract deal areas are the problems of Nigeria, the same it is with the rail lines when compared to other nations we pay too much for too little.

The Oracle says if 5% is equal to $300m  it will mean the project total cost will be $6b and it will be reasonable for the Senate to publish those behind the $5.7b, and how they raised the fund and taxes paid by these faceless crooks.

St Buhari is expected to make public how this deal was done without the knowledge of the public.

Will he do it?

The total cost of $6b will make the Airline the most expensive in the world with less than three carriers, the Airline with $6b overheads may not be profitable.



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