Facts before US 2020 elections …..Oraclezent


Do you know out of 3142 Counties (Local govt) in the United States of America (USA) in 2016 presidential elections, then candidate Donald John Trump without experience in politics won every one of them with popular votes except in 487 counties ( Local govt) to Democrat candidate crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton because of higher populations in two states like New York and California and the support of the liberal controlled Press like fake CNN and MSNBC.

Without the two states of New York and California full of immigrants that have refused to move inland to assimilate true American values because they are guided and brainwashed by the media, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would have scored zero minus or minus zero.

Newszents will like  readers to note that the United states America is more than the values of New York, Florida or California, the framers of the US Constitution in 1789 knew this with the introduction of electoral college system, to protect and secure the values of all Americans. It was called “Fear of the intrigues” by James Madison the father of US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

When  Newszents political analyst says President Trump is for true Americans with the love of the Constitution and respect for the American Flags, this are the core values of the statement.

Newszents never doubted President Trump ability to win  for one day, USA with her reawakening values as it is today and tomorrow is for  President Trump in 2020 elections like it was in 2016, and true Americans outside those two states of California and New York will stand with the President who gave up the comfort of his Trump Tower for his country, the only President in US history to address trade imbalances and he is winning.

President Trump greatest weapon must be his Twitter message which he used to neutralize the dirty vibes of his enemies which CNN, MSNBC, New York times, and Washington Post represent, he refused to allow the liberal press to define the messages of his presidency to his fans, he talks, he tweets directly to his followers in the 3142 counties and they have never doubted him.

Let this short message from this analyst who predicted Trump winning in 2016 guide you when 2020 result is out and Trump wins again, tell them the Oracle is always right and he told you to stay away from CNN, the most anti American values station and promoter of all sins all the Holy Books condemned.

As we prepare for 2020 elections, note this fact before they trick you again, USA is not two but fifty states, and those two states because they control the Press and unverified population without voters Identification must never be allowed to think and decide for the rest of the country.

Democrats 3 “R” strategies will fail, the first ” R” Russia gimmick failed, “R” Race also failed, “R” Recessions is the next tricks like the other two “R” will fail, as unemployment will remain under 3.7%, new trade deals signed with Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Canada, and China next month, the future of America is brighter under this presidency.

Zents Sowunmi is a conservative writer and supporter of US Constitution and Flag.


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