Ese abduction: Yinusa must be Prosecuted as a kidnapper in Bayelsa State


Abducted EseNEWSZENTS: How can we claim we have a sane government if a 13 years old girl could be kidnapped, raped, dis-virgin, and traumatized and all we can get is just for the Inspector General of Police  Aranse to seek the approval of local Emir before we can even see a trace of partial justice?

It is not fair, it is not right, it is not how to run a country based on law and order.

The Emir of Kano  Lamido Sanusi,  a former  Governor of Central Bank  Governor of Nigeria confirmed the age of the girl to be under 15 years, and some cooked up a local audio interview in which the girl suddenly claimed to be 17 years, even at that age, marriage of such nature would still require parental consent, and that will still make Yinusa a kidnapper and when the Punch Newspapers took the case further to the family of the  Kid in Bayelsa State it was discovered that the 17 years of the girl on the audio interview was a lie, since she is still having a 16 years elder brother or how did her age move up the ladder?

This unfortunate case must be taken to a Court in Balyesa State not in Kano  and NewsZents will be interested in how Nigeria will handle this case of abduction which was done outside the Sharia controlled State. The case is not even at the consent of the Kid girl because of her age, it is for the government of Balyesa State to prosecute this Yinusa, a  criminal and he must be returned to the state to face justice.

That is what the Federal Government of Nigeria must ensure but to sweep everything under the carpet after the return of the girl to her parent is not the best way to clean up the mess and we will be asking questions on this case for a long time until Yinusa who abducted a kid in non-Sharia State is behind the bar for a long time.

Furthermore, where are the support groups to rehabilitate the little girl who has been dis-virgin, molested, and traumatized by a system that supports inhuman behavior in a country that is almost  56 years old after independence and is still holding forth to primitive doctrines of sleeping with kids in the name of whatever to hold in their believe system.

Finally, Since Yinusa did not commit his crime in Sharia controlled state, it is the hope of this writer, that  the Inspector General of Police will arrest Yinusa and remove him to Balyesa State to face justice,  anything short of this is not justice. Some asked if the girl has not been raped, the Oracle says when a bearded man dies in fire accident please don’t not ask if his beard is till intact or not.


1.What is the role of Child protective services in this Ese abduction?

2. Why must the Inspector General of Police talk to Emir of Kano before he can do his job?

3. Why did Emir of Kano delay his consent if any before Ese could be released after five months?

4. If a crime is committed in Baylsa why is Yinusa still in Kano?

5. When will all those who cooked up stories on the age of the girl be prosecuted?

6. What is the role of Baylsa State Government and Kano State in this imbroglio?

O ma se o



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