End of Peace Between Russia and America


PutinNewszents: In the recent weeks despite the accusation that Russia tried to influence US last Presidential election which the special Counsel is still looking into, which  has not submitted it’s report, the US Congress went ahead to sanction Russia severely economically, that is capable of destroying the Russia fragile economy not more than the state of California.

It is now crystal clear any attempt or any attempt of peaceful relationship with the two nations is not gone with the with winds as Russia sensing President Trump will have no choice than to sign the Bill before him,  otherwise he would be seen as colluding with Russia over the election he had denied several times.

Russia kicked out over 700 US Diplomats few days ago, an action, that would be seen as the end of peace between tho powerful nation, the game floor will be shifted to the Veto powers of the two nations that will be used to frustrate all peaceful actions in any part of the world.

North Korea will have to be handled by US alone without access to the South China Sea, and lack of cooperation between China and Russia will make the job much more tougher if President Trump had the cooperation of Russia, it is rather unfortunate how the Congress did not look beyond the election to see the bigger problem ahead, lots fund may now be spent on wars, and weapons than solving the Health care problem at home.

Can anyone blame President Trump?  No. Blame the myopic US Congress and welcome to another  Cold war at least,until the end of Putin Presidency, and since  he is running for re-election in 2018, it will be interesting to understand  the role America would play unlike  President Obama did and failed in 2012  against Putin which became the foundation of the problem between the two nations


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