EFCC : Ibrahim Magu replaces Lamorde as Chairman.


Buhar22Ibrahim Magu a staff of EFCC is now the new boss of EFCC. The former Chairman Lamorde has been removed.

Lamorde had a great time with EFCC as deputy of Nuhu Ribadu and eventually became the face of the organization when Waziri was removed.

A cat with nine lives but the accusations of corruption and sleepy attitude of EFCC during the administration of former President Jonathan robbed him of any positive impact in an organization with good record under the foundation chairman Nuhu Ribadu. Observers believed he compromised to get the job others felt Jonathan starved the EFCC with fund and remotely controlled him
EFCC Larmonde
Though he made efforts to rekindle the flame of EFCC  on in the last five months but it was seen more like eye services or a pretence that was too late.

Who  is Magu his replacement?


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