DNC dirty IOWA plan against Bernie Sanders


The State of IOWA on Monday prepares for its first primaries or Caucuses to pick 2020 DNC candidate to run against President Trump, the state he won effortlessly in 2016.

The Oracle says with a fading Joe Biden, a former US VP damaged by President Trump with Ukraine scandal, and with the fear of independent Senator Bernie Sanders winning the nomination with no competition from Elizabeth Warren a tainted liar or Pete Buttigieg the LGBT candidate the DNC is ready to play a dirty card chess game.

To move forward without Sanders, DNC took $100m from the former Mayor of New York Billionaire Mike Bloomberg for the next debate despite his 2% in the polls as against 5% ratings required to participate in any debate, hoping to prop him up as alternative candidate to checkmate a DNC hated Bernie Sanders from emerging as the candidate of Democrats and hoping his billions will be enough to win against Trump.

The above is even a hidden plan to destroy the convention that could encourage outsiders like Hillary Clinton to come up in an open convention in case no one wins enough votes for the approved delegates.

Trust Newszents.com we can read US politics better than CNN or even expose their hidden plans just follow us as we unfold DNC dirty plans against crazy Bernie Sanders who is now the front runner despite his heartache in the last three months.



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