Disgraced fired FBI staff McCabe detailed how he and others organized a coup against President Trump


Disgraced fired former  Acting Director of FBI Andrew McCabe in his new book detailed how he and others organized a coup against President Trump immediately after James Comey the fired FBI Director was removed from office.

                          President Obama, James Comey and  Mueller

Andrew McCabe became the acting Director of the Beaureu after he was briefed by PresidentTrump on the reason why he the President  had to get rid of Comey who leaked classified information of his meetings to his friend a University instructor and part time staff of FBI who passed it to the New York Times and Washington Post  which embarrassed the presidency.

McCabe confirmed how FBI top guys met to recruit to cabinet members to apply Article 25th amendment  of US Constitution to declare the President unfit and install Vice President in his place. He detailed how Deputy AG Rod Rosensten asked them to tape the President for more information they could use to impeach or remove a President of America a fact Rod Rosenstein denied and very sarcastically.

President Trump

In the book, many other issues were mentioned, he even called former AG Jeff Session a racist who advised FBI to hire Irish who are usually drunk but still better than blacks or Hispanics with taatoo.

Andrew further explained how he opened the case on President Trump for obstruction of Justice to document or prevent any removal from office or protect the rest of the crew.

In a related story, Peter Strzok  a fired staff of FBI also mentioned how Andrew Macade coordinated all their plans against newly elected President Trump with appointments of Special COUNSEL and FISA documents with unverified steel dossier funded by Hillary Clinton in which Peter Strzok called Insurance policy incase Trump was elected by Americans in his text message to his married woman mistress Lisa Page in the same FBI Department

Andrew’s book revelation will lead to special tribunal for trial of those involved for treason, and the punishment is death according to US law,  Andrew’s  wife a Democrat, who ran for office in Virginia, and was paid over 600k at a time her husband was investigating Hillary Clinton over Benghazi.

The confession has been described as a national disgrace to the FBI by Fox New contributor Michael Goodman as part of the most corrupt in the FBI history a man who was found to be dishonest and economical with the truth. Rod Rosenstein uis expected to leave the Department of Justice today February 15th after William Barr resumes duty as the new Attorney General.

The new Attorney General  William Barr was confirmed on almost party line 54/45 and sworn in yesterday, it is expected one of his first duties will be  on how to review Special Counsel report and what to release to the public over Russia collusion that is yet to indict any staff of Trump over it except on crimes committed prior to 2016 election.

The former Acting FBI Director  McCade was fired himself by  former Attorney General  Jeff Session for what the Department of Justice Inspector General called lack of Candor.

The post will be updated for additional info.


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