Democrats: Supports Mexican workers against US trade deals


NEWSZENTS: US Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat today introduced conditions to destroyed or delay indefinitely the new US/Mexico/Canada trade agreement of President Trump. Pelosi now wants impossible labor reforms in Mexico, a 3rd World country before the House could table the agreement for a vote.

With Nancy Pelosi near negative and impossible request from a third World country like Mexico with no facilities, the United States of America will still be with the old NAFTA signed by Democrat President Bill Clinton in the nineties which destroyed US as a manufacturing country which made most of US factories to relocate their plants to Mexico.

Ahead of Canadian election, it is possible to get a ratification with the 2020 election in Canada and the new government of Mexico which took over on December, however, the real intention of the Democrats is to deny President Trump the joy of the new agreement before the 2020 US Presidential elections with the denial of the votes for ratification.

For Mexico to meet the conditions of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, it will have to go through massive environmental reforms, new pay rates and working conditions for its labor force and if that is not interferance in the internal affiars of Mexico what else could it be?

How will the Mexico government get the resources and polical will to implement Nancy Pelosi requirement?

Furthermore, the present situation as contained in 1994 NAFTA favors Mexico and most likely they will ignore Nancy Pelosi and US workers and industries will continue to suffer neglect.

Everything is politics to the Democrats including the conditions to improve and return the country as a manufacturing nation.

President Trump and his team had hoped the new agreement would be signed by Summer and with a year in operation before 2020 election. It is even not certain how Democrats will handle the trade agreement with China if they introduce some conditions like that of Mexico.

Trade imbalances with Mexico in 2016 before Trump took over was $67b annually, $500b with China, $55b with Canada, and more with European Union, Japan all which Trump campaigned to address. With tariffs against Mexico and Canada the imbalance was reduced, that of China went down to $320b and the agreement will consolidate the gains of this administration after the tax cut went down to 21% from 35%.

Who needs the new agreement more than United States? None, Speaker Pelosi is putting politics above the national interest, fighting for Mexican workers instead of US trade intetest.

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