Democrats: Super Tuesday updates


In one popular Africa playwright book ” The Gods are not to blame” by Ola Rotimi, the tortoise was asked when he would return from a senseless and stupid journey, with a funny smile on his face he said, ” Not until when he must have been disgraced.Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

The above choleric analysis is a simple way on how to see Mini Mike Bloomberg, a Republican for most his life, an Independent, in his race for Democrat Presidential ticket in November against President Trump.

After tonight, when all the chips are down, when the battle for Democrats ticket on who to fight it out with President Trump is getting clearer between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in today’s super Tuesday with 1325 delegates at stake, this Oracle says, New York Billionaire Mike Bloomberg, the former Republican Mayor of the Apple City will either go Independent or drop out of the race quietly because there is no winning part for him in DNC, to make it clearer and even simpler in the usual street language, his New York ass is not wanted by the Democrats, the poll says 76% he is not wanted on their platform.

Joe Biden

Mike Bloomberg will have released by tonight’s result of Super Tuesday he has been used for cheap publicity which probably cost him $500m, he could chose to remain a laughing stock of Democrats if stays to continue the senseless journey like the character in Ola Rotimi’s book or create a separate part way for himself as an independent candidate to continue the stupid journey.

The above is the option for Mini Mike while President Trump is smiling to his last premolars and watching how Democrats for the second time plan to cheat out Bernie Sanders, an Independent who is using Democrats platform to run again  like they did in 2016 for Hillary Clinton.

The Oracle says Head or tail Donald Trump wins.


A candidate Joe Biden on DNC ticket in November will not get the full support of all supporters of the socialist Bernie Sanders mostly students looking for free stuffs Sanders promised.

Secondly, a candidate Bernie Sanders a socialist on DNC ticket to fight out with Trump in November will be too far left for the average Democrat to support, the Party will lose the Independent voters and that will be a plus for President Trump already with 95% support of his Republican base.

Let us see the result tonight to understand this Oracle better, most likely Joe Biden will be ahead, out of 1324 delegates the Oracle sees almost 700 or more for Biden with Sanders between 400-500 very close on his heels Elizabeth Warren will drop out after tonight primaries to support Biden with less than 150

Whatever the result, a damaged and incoherence Biden with Ukrainian  deals is likely to be the ticket of the Democratic in November with the Super Delegates behind him, can he debate Trump or he is just to defend the values of the Party from the far left Sanders not neccesarily to win?

With former Mayor of New York Mike BLOOMBERG a plan B of Democrats  against Sanders in case Biden falls  which is not happening in view of Joe Biden’s resurrection in South Carolina , the option is for him now is to quit or what else could he be doing there with Sanders leading in Texas and California the fight is between Biden a long life Democrats and a gate crasher Bernie Sanders with no room for other candidates.

Have a beautiful Super Tuesday day

Zents Sowunmi is a New York based political analyst known as the Oracle.


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