Democrats: Not ready for 2020


Democrat And their defeatist politics.

When Democrats as a Party failed to get Donald Trump with his Taxes before the 2016 election, it became obvious he was too smart for their political thinking.


The Constitution did not require candidates to declare his taxes public or private to any electoral system, issues of taxes are strictly under IRS and any other person nose diving into anyone’s taxes will be treated as busybody by the Law.

This Sept. 16, 2013 photo, Donald Trump appears on the “Fox & friends” television program in New York. He’s been a real estate mogul, a tabloid fixture and a reality TV star. And now Donald Trump, perennial self-promoter, is toying with the idea of challenging New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Trump, saying the state’s high taxes and tight gun-control laws make the popular Democratic incumbent vulnerable, has met with Republican leaders and has pledged to spend tens of millions of dollars on a potential campaign. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Those who revealed their taxes in the past like Nixon up to Obama did it to be extra nice to the public it had nothing to do with what the law says,  IRS and taxes are strictly under the privacy act, only a financial statement is required by the Law which Trump provided.

Why Democrats as a major Party could not understand this simple requirement or why they failed to read the constitution shows how far they have derailed from the Constitution itself, they were supposed to protect.

A recent Court decision in Democrats controlled State of California just told Democrats the naked truth of what has been the position of taxes and Federal electoral system since 1789, because Federal election must never be allowed to be regulated by states with different rules, meaning, all the Democrats controlled states with antiTrump laws to peep into his privacy failed, unfortunately CNN will not enlighten their gullible supporters.

Why would CNN do that?

To do so will expose the ignorance and mischievous plan of this giant news media with less than 800,000 daily views far behind FoxNews with 5 millions to lose their uninformed readers.

Secondly, with the defeat of Mama Hillary Clinton Democrats failed again with Russia collusion Ŕeport after 24 months of noise on CNN and MSNBC one would think with the House in the Congress as their only gain, one would think they will plan something better for their supporters instead, they went for ordinary telephone conversation between President Trump and Ukrainian President hoping that will be enough to impeach the a Republican President with a Republican controlled Senate.

What a funny thinking for their gullible Party men and women?

Readers, note this, the US Constitution is clearer on this , only the President can control how he does his foreign policy, it is not the job of a busybody Congress, this is what the Supreme Court will tell the Congress in case the matter ever gotten to the Supreme just like the issue of border wall and other immigration procedures, and the Constitution says only ratification of treaties extending beyond the tenure of a President is all the Congress can ratify such as the new USMCA nothing more.

However, their Leader Speaker  Nancy Pelosi was so over excited with the phone transcript between President Trump and Ukrainian President, the transcript she never read,  she forgot she needed a vote on the floor before she can authorize impeachment process.

Why will she even remember when the pressure from those in the far left of her Party was too much for her?

A vote on the floor will be the right thing to do, it will openly show the stand of all men and women in the Congress and it can even be killed on the floor.

Again, all the lifeless subpoenas issued by the House White House Staffers  will be ignored, the Supreme Court will again force the House leadership to table impeachment on the floor otherwise, they will make a mockery of all the ignored subpoenas.

Furthermore, President Trump who used Hillary Clinton Democrats 2016 flag bearer to clean the floor did more, to both the Party and the candidate, Hillary who was so dazed to the extent she authored a book titled What happened?

In actual fact, what happened was she won only in 524 counties out 3424 counties in US and using Russia fake news was a terrible strategy. That was what really happened.

The next failed strategy of the Democrats is their stand on the economy, unfortunately, Trump’s  economy is doing fine despite their noise about recession with unemployment at 3.5% the lowest since 1969 and 7 million new jobs and reduction in food stamp recipients, Democrats is without anything agenda to campaign on.

Or what else?

Free education, Free Healthcare, that will increase the National debt by $16 trillion, open border system and sanctuary city policies, abolishing ICE and Amendment of the Constitution on electoral college, increasing Supreme Court numbers from 9 to 15 and approving all values the Holy books talk about infact they want to turn USA a country founded on judioChristen values into the Biblically Sodom and Gomorah, one of them Bernie Sanders wants all prisoners to vote.

Can u even imagine Paul Krugman the Liberal economic hero, a Nobel award winner faking the Democrats not to accept Trump’s as a good one, each day they hope and pray for the economy to fail and to their surprise, it is not.

With no viable candidate to defeat Trump after the creepy Sleepy Joe was found with Ukrainian dirty Quid pro quo, a sick and aging Bernie Sanders who just suffered Myocardial infarction, Elizabeth Warren the fake Indian American, who else can beat Trump?


The elders of Democrats Party must have concluded to get Trump out of the race by dirty means will be a better option, hence the impeachment noise which will not be ratified by the Senate.

Readers please note, mere impeachment on the floor is a double edged knife against Democrats, nobody is discussing any agenda of any of 2020 candidates, a vote on the floor will show the stand of all Congressmen and women in all the states Trump won and still popular.

What are the implications of all these?

Trump again outsmarted the Democrats,   he made Democrats to focus on him alone without any agenda of their own, and also put risking losing the control of House by the Democrats.


1. Trump’s strategy will make his Republican Party keep the Senate, if u doubt this note all the Senates seats are secured and Senators like John Conney of Texas can sleep with two eyes closed,Trump’s political strategy will also make it take possible to retake the House from not too smart Democrats.

2. All the 2742 counties out of 3442 Trump won in 2016 never left him, Democrats should be worried with the small 520 counties Hillary Clinton won in 2016 with fake extra 3million of the so-called popular votes at a time there was no manufacturing jobs, and closure of 25 states mining jobs and 5.7% unemployment and 47m Americans on food stamp.

1. Today’s US economy is stronger and promising than 2016, with 3.5% unemployment, the best since 1969, the best period of job figures meaning, more Americans are working now than when Obama was President.

2. US Military under Trump is not about senseless wars, it is going through rebuilding and rebranding, Trump despite disagreed values with Russia and China is not looking for wars with them.

3. An expanded economy with manufacturing jobs at home are the goals of Trump and Democrats may not have any answer to him in 2020 if he is on the ballot.

4. Democrats may lose majority of the Blacks and Hispanic votes this coming 2020 election like Trump said what do they have to lose.

5. Readers,the Oracle says get the electoral result of second term of Ronald Reagan because the political map of 2020 will be closer to it, a land slid victory for the Republicans.

Are the Democrats actually ready for 2020? They are not may seem to be their current situation if not, what are they?

If ever Trump is impeached the only Republicans can vote it can get in the Senate is Mitt Romney the 2012 flag bearer Trump said did not know how to win and his vote plus the rest of 48 is not enough to u seat Trump.






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