Democrats 2020 polls, Joe Biden’s leadership drops


NEWSZENTS: Former US Vice President Joe Biden of Delaware State,  the front-runner among the 22 declared candidates for the 2020 race had his numbers in polls reduced by 8 percent from 30 to 22 in the recent polls conducted among the Ohio caucus.

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont State is now at 15 percent along with Indian American Senator Elizabeth Warren who also score 14 percent.

         Mayor Butteggi with his partner

Next on the line is the South Bend Mayor  Butteggi the first open delared gay for the highest office in the country,  he gained 6 points to close up on the first three and a sharp reduction in numbers of creepy Joe.

Senator Kamala Haris, former Attorney General  of California State had 7 percent, the rest out of the 22 declared candidates including Mayor of New York  Deblasio , Beto of El Paso, Texas, Chang, Senator Curry Booker former Mayor from New Jersey  etc may have to pull out of the race after the first primary starts in six month or so.

Joe Biden as a centrist, flipped floped  on most of the extreme left policies  of the Democrat programs from abortion to gun control and immigration, he skipped the last meeting of all candidates to avoid being asked questions.

President Trump called the former Vice President  creepy Joe because of his attitude of holding and smelling women’s hair without their consent.


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