Democrats 2020 Nominee


By the time the Democrats in America finally gets their Presidential candidate to face President Trump of the Republican Party in November 2020, the nominee will be so weak and easy for Donald Trump to chew like Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Socialist Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

Former Vice President Joe Biden and the Socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders would be very close to the third stage of dementia not even early stages to make sense to the American citizens if any of them, as nominee debates Donald Trump, as their tenses will no longer be coherent.

Senator Elizabeth Warren the .001% native American as a nominee would not be sharp enough to debate Trump, Senator Kamala Harris will go through a big scandals which may either lead to her dropping out of the race or hang in there for the sake of it.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg and his partner.

Oracle says only the gay candidate Pete Buttigieg the Mayor of South Bend of the State of Indiana and Chang, the Chinese American with his $1000 free money for all will look like a candidate.

Who else?

Mayor of New York De-blasio with a lousy poll result will not even be in the next debate, Senator Gillbrand will not even impress anybody as will she always be in the shadow of Hillary Clinton she replaced in the Senate.

     Former Secretary of State Clinton

Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota will have to do more than just  going about with a smiling face and shaking voice, with what she has now, Trump will intimidate her, she may even cry in a one on one debate with Trump.

Political analysts are hoping Hillary Clinton will come back to save the Democrat Party from massive loss that may deny them even the House they fraudulently got through the fake Russia collusion which Mueller after 23 months called Democrats liars.

Joe Biden

With 6 million new jobs, with no new war to fight as controlled by President Trump, the Oracle says the electoral college vote of Trump is looking beyond 320 and he may even add the popular votes to it this time, but it is not the priority of this presidency.

To understand US politics, stay with the Oracle and, those who did, in 2016 did not waste their time, those who wasted their time with news from CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, and Washington post regreted it and were compensated with fake Russia collusion which also fooled them again.

This time be wiser, be a winner not a two times loser again, take it from the Oracle, Trump is a two terms presidency anything outside this is fake and his electoral votes will be 320 plus in 2020.



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