Democrat wants purple heart medal for disgraced FBI Styrok


The FBI agent, Peter Styrok the man  behind the document used to obtain warrant to spy on then Candidate Trump made an appearance before the House Committee with smiles on his face

Peter had to be confronted by  Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio and Congressnan Tray Ghady of NC with facts and on each occassion, he told the Congress FBI Special Counsel instructed him not to talk on some of issues that could have resolved issues for the Congress.

It was frustrating as Democrats even tried to protect the disgraced FBI Agent with stupid patronizing questions at one time Democrat Steve Cohen wanted Peter strzok to be given a Purple heart a medal reserved fir wounded soldiers.

In the end, the Congress was able to know that Obama knew more than was told on Russia collusion, it exposed FBI itself as a deep state with lots to hide.

How the same FBI agent with a biased text messages on Trump to his girl friend, Lisa a married woman at the time and attorney for FBI, created a walk free partway for Hillary Clinton on email and server scandal, and also became a member of Special Counsel to investigate Trump with the Special Counsel on Russia. It was stinking

It made the Special Counsel of Robert Mueller job more like the Insurance deal Peter Styrok mentioned in one of his text messages to Lisa and Andy McCade the fired FBI Deputy Director to destroy Trump’s presidency if he could win the presidency.


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