DACA: The Consequences of it (3)


IMG_20170909_021350NEWSZENTS: The President of the University of California Janet Napolitano sued President Trump’s administration on his decision to recind DACA.

The school claimed the order to stop DACA will affect the students and lecturers in view of their meaningful contributions to the University.

University of California became the first to take legal action against the President to stop the program the Court in the past called illegal because former President Obama usurped the powers of the Congress with the program.

Interestingly, Janet Napolitano was the architect of the program for Obama in 2012 as Homeland Secretary.

The case will come up in a Court with mostly liberal Judges and how the court will rule will be of interest to President Trump who hope to use the action as a bargining power with the Congress over his bills.

President Trump was pressured by 25 States Attorney Generals to take action against DACA, however, all is not lost for DACA, which can still be renewed until October 5th 2017, after that it will not accept new applications and by March 5th 2018, the program will deem anyone not in compliance as out of status.

Some of the communities are providing assistance to DACA recipients in California, including payment of $495 application fee or renewal fee, lawyers, and information on how to avoid confrontation with the law.

Furthermore, DACA recipient’s are not encouraged to travel out of the country or more than 100 miles outside their post according to Berkeley College information board.


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