DACA: Consequences of it (2)


Jeff_Sessions_official_portraitNEWSZENTS: The first part on this article focused on the foundation and politics of DACA on ever changing immigration policies of the United States of America since President Reagan granted amnesty to millions of immigrants which eventually hurts his Republican Party as a conservative party of mean, and heartless followers of the Constitution line by line which did not embrace the welfare needs of the new immigrants, it was where the Democrats cashed in as a friend of the new immigrants.

The above little information on United States  immigration problem happened before DACA and most of the past Presidents from Bush 41, who introduced Green Card Lottery to President Clinton who also signed the Life Act on the last days of his office, no other President actually addressed the so-called comprehensive immigration packages, they talked about. It was a no go area.

Instead they picked on little pieces of it to appease different groups depending on what they can get from the Congress, meaning, what they told the people is not what they do behind the close doors. It was very deceitful.

After President Trump realized his Republican Party despite the majority in the Congress are not serious or he could end his presidency without a major Bill to his credit, he is now learning on how to talk and walk like a centrist politician, and to attain this, he took the first action towards moving his policies to the center when he hired General Kelly his Homeland Secretary as his Chief of Staff to clean the house.Gen Kelly

Almost all the far rightists in his White House were removed, from Priebus his first Chief of Staff, Steve Bannon his adviser on many issues to Dr. Gorki the Hungarian born adviser, it was when Donald JTrump made up his mind to change and dialogue with the adversaries, the Democrats particularly his fellow New Yorker and his friend Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schummer, and the old horse in Congress Mama Nancy Pelosi Democrat Minority Leader.

Blame his Republican Party on his new direction, they are too petty, and disorganized to help his presidency and President Trump realized the bucks stops on his table, not with John McCain who is still bitter because two years ago Trump said he was not a hero because according to Trump a hero must not be captured, McCain was captured and was pleaded for release during Vietnam war,  also,  his friend, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina who like his friend contested the primaries with Trump and lost and was ridiculed at home and his secret phone conversations to Trump was the subject the Press had fun with,  both of them could careless if Trump’s presidency collapse like pack of cookies they are his enemies within his own Party.

For the Congress to  pass his Bills or to see some of his agendas before the hostile Democrats and careless Republican controlled Congress, he had to make deals, and DACA became the first approach to a new centrist Presidency, it was a game US 42nd President  Bill Clinton learnt in his second year in office when he hired Dick Morris, and US 44nd President  Obama too did when he lost the House to the Republican Party in 2010.

In America, a Presidential candidate may campaign and win elections as a leftist or rightist, but to be successful he must govern as a centrist, if Trump must do anything in his first term he must walk the walk and talk the talk.it is how the game of politics is played, far different from Real estate, hotels or golf course deals, it is not even a Television reality show, it is a game of the heartless, controlled by the greedy special interests.

These are the options before the President who promised to drain the swam and may end up dinning with the very people he hated with passion.

To get things done on the wall he promised to build at the Southern borders, tax cuts and debt-ceiling and approval/confirmation to his appointees he must compromise, it was the reason he did not ask the DACA recipients to go, and to stay away from the open or direct blame of the mainstream media, it was why he asked the Department of Justice through the Attorney General Jeff Session to explain to the Americans and the world illegal action of President Obama must be handled by the Congress as required by the Constitution

A new President Donald Trump will be strange to the Republicans like the way he struck a bargain on debt ceiling few early this week which now pave the way for him to get support on tax cuts and his controversial Trump border wall, and GOP will reluctantly follow him.

Fifteen Blue Democrats states today, 09/07/2017 took the President of the United States of America  to court over his decision to end DACA, which may be dismissed because Obama who ought to have followed the line of his predecessors on DACA unfortunately  he put it in writing which gave it an impression,  he  as the President was capable of writing immigration law, with that,  the case will be described as a waste of Court time, more also, President Obama himself said the program would be temporary until the Congress can figure out something.

To be continued.

Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer and author of several books  he is also a member advisory committee to President Trump.


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