Covid-19: When a saviour needs help


Covid-19 : When the Savior himself needs help

Before the spread of Covid-19 from China which killed almost 135,000 Americans in four months in 2020, and over one million worldwide, all the nations of the world since 1945 always looked unto United States of America for the solutions to almost all their problems, be it health wise, military, education.

However, the Covid-19 not only revealed how unprepared US was for the world tasks and expectations, it exposed most of them were even better prepared than the United States of America they had hoped would be their Messiah.

It is now known to the world even the Americans themselves that US had been used and taken for a prodigal nation since the end of the second world and it can no longer be responsible for world solution?

Germany since 1945 left her military bills on the US tax payers table, Korea left her too on US tax payers since 1952, Vietnam since 1968, Saudis Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Libya, and over 125 military bases around the world up to the Philipinese Islands, NATO the military and senseless wars bills are just too much.

Every nation on earth is socking United States of America to dry, most of them are not socking to give back they are socking to see her dead, with unhealthy competitions as US products are forced to pay more tariffs than they do in America only one or two nations like Israel can be trusted others can not.

Economically, other nations stole more intellectually and copyrights properties to weaken American manufacturers, and this unsuspected nation faced massive closed down of companies, by 2016, over 65,000 US companies either closed down or moved overseas.

What was economic strenghts of China, South Korea, Brazil, India, Russia etc before 1968, not even the size of the State California?

To play the bigger role, President Nixon changed the direction with his visit to China in the late sixties or early seventies or so, away from Africa which was the direction of late President Kennedy.

Most of the foreign post graduate students in America particularly from Asian  nations were spies for their home nations, universities with military researches for US Army had their data stolen.

In 2015, when Obama was President the White House personnel records got hacked by China, today almost all 40% of US citizens got their data stolen by other nations.

Everyday, the US military Database server is constantly facing massive attacks as many as 9000 daily  from Hackers particularly from China, and Russia.It was why President Trump established the Space Army to fight this unconventional war which previous administration rejected.

To be continued.

Zents Sowunmi is the author “The Secrets of Gabriel”, “Unequally Yoking” and “The Vultures and the Vulnerable”.


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