Covid-19: Nursing homes and China


Covid-19: Nursing Homes and China.

All Nursing homes in the United States of America must notify the public, CDC and families of residents, immediately a Covid-19 case is detected in their facilities.

The above new order is to enable the public and families to determine if they want to remove their loved ones or sue the facility for negligence.

This new order from the White House will enable the CDC to monitor, close or re-open any of such facility.

In the last to two weeks most Nursing Homes are being used as dumping ground for Covid-19 patients by the Hospitals and the system exposed innocent and immune deficient residence to danger.

In most cases all resident after few days in Hospitals for procedure like Dialysis, surgery mostly returned with symptoms of Covid-19 and they spread it to other residents in their facilities including Nurses, and Nursing Aides.

Currently, the Nursing homes are not equiped with testing centers to curtail the spread of the virus to residents and staffers of their facilities.

If this new Executive law is followed almost all the Nursing homes in America will be out of Business with massive layoffs and possible law suits.

In another related case, a state in US has decided to sue the Chinese Government but the Foreign Sovereignty Act is standing between and state to go after China according to Judge Napolitano on Fox News.



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