Covid-19: Be wise save yourself from ignorance


Be wise take care of yourself.

This Oracle says, If you contacted Covid-19 and out of ignorance or otherwise you listened to the Democrats or CNN without taking Hydroxychloroquiene, when you die they will add you to the numbers of deceased because they love to count the numbers of those dying daily.

The Oracle says just remember over 150,000 Americans who believed them and out of ignorance or otherwise and refused to take Hydroxychloroquiene, the cheapest drugs with no patent right for WHO or CDC to benefit from are dead.

Today, the deceased are part of the statistics they want to promote for their new products, we had it is a $20 Billion investment on the line and election strategies for November.

Remember It is your life not that of sleepy Joe Biden hiding in his basement or CNN. Take Hydroxychloroquiene with 50 years history that is available now

Remember only those alive can ask questions not the dead, when they come out with their new product you can change until then Hydroxycholoquine is your savior.



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