Court stops California State Law on Tax Requirement on President Trump


In a breaking news most of the Fake News media like CNN, ABC and other Democrat controlled liberal press failed to carry, President Trump legal team defeated the new law of the State of California over taxes requirement for Presidential Candidates which was specifically aimed at President Donald J Trump.

Candidates for office President must follow only one rule which is the Federal law on requirement for the Federal election not several rules from 50 states. The Judge  in the Democrats controlled state of California said before he ruled against a new rush rush signed July Law of CA on the requirement that all candidates must show their taxes before November 27th, the last day for a candidate to be on the ballot in California primaries.

This anti-Trump Law was planned by the Democrats to prevent the President  from meeting the state requirement for his re-election which according to Trumps legal team is a violation of privacy if everyone running for office is made to disclose their taxes, the issue of taxes are strictly the job of IRS not the executive or legislature as settled by the founding fathers of US Constitution.

With this development, all the other 15 democrats states with anti-Trump taxes laws, like New York, etc will have to think of another plan which Taxes will not be one of them according to our news desk.


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