Citizenship: Buhari and Atiku were born as British subjects not Nigerians.


Atiku:Citizenship question affects Buhari too.

One African adage says becareful in your search for those who owed your late father plenty of money, otherwise, you may infact run into those your late father was indebted too, meaning when you plan to destroy you could destroy yourself also.

The above will be how to look into the case of Atiku Vs President Buhari who himself was labelled Jubril by the Biafra Radio guy Kanu, who at one time also in his wisdom or otherwise called Okorocha Okorohausa.

However, when Kanu mentioned the tribal marks on the button of Atiku before the last elections, it was what Atiku’s wife or wives denied, but it opened the way for the Buhari’s team and APC to take a second and third look at the man who was asking for Buhari’s “Zabrifikate” in order to disqualify him from the last election among others.

When the issue of Atiku’s birthplace came up in the court, it reminded this writer the problem the birther threw on US former President, Barack Hussein Obama that he was born in Kenya instead of Hawaii the last of the 50 states of America.

In the case of the former Vice President of Nigeria, Abubarkar Atiku, who served as Customs officer for 25yrs, and VP for eight years, it is not only funny but ludicrous to discover all these years Atiku who took oath of office and defended the Constitution could suddenly be seen as a Cameroonian when he felt cheated in the last election

If Alhaji Abubarkar Atiku was born in a country that was not Nigeria until 1960 but Nigeria itself through the UNO plebiscite accepted liabilities and assets of his village as part of Nigeria as incorporated, it is difficult not to see him as a Nigerian, that will be how to look at his case.

However, Nigeria was not even a country until 1960, both Cameroon and Nigeria were under a common colonial master, the British, meaning all those born before 1960 had their citizenship ratified by the independence of Nigeria in 1960 until then all of them were British citizens.

Furthermore, if the argument of APC or Buharist would be the location of Atiku’s village at the time of his birth, the 1999 Constitution stated only those born in Nigeria could be President then Atiku and Buhari himself born before independence would have to be disqualified because they were British subjects at the time of birth.

1999 Constitution stipulated the President must be born in Nigeria and since Nigeria did not exist as a country until 1960, both Atiku and Buhari did not meet the requirements of the Constitution which will bring us back to the first statement of this article on African adage in search to destroy you could destroy yourself too.

Only Moghalu, Yele Sowore and Fasua born after 1960 actually qualified by the 1999 Constitution requirement not Buhari and Atiku.



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