Billionaire Jeffery Epstein of New York a known pedophile arrested


Newszents: Billionaire Jeffery Epstein was arrested last night in New York,  he will be charged to a  Federal Court in Manhattan for child trafficking and sleeping with underage on Monday

Jeffrey  a friend of the powerful.

Billionaire Epstein is a closed friend of the powerful worldwide and big time fund raiser for the Democrats particularly for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Several years ago he  had all his charges on child trafficking  and abuse dropped when Obama was President, few weeks ago his case was reopened, on his way to the JFK Airport his Laptop was searched all the videos and photos of his involvement were found, it became a clear evidence to prosecute.

Jeffery Epstein a closed friend of President Clinton, Prince Andrew of UK and Movie star Chris Tucker made history when he flew all his friends mentioned above in his private jet to South Africa called Lollitas details of  what happened there was never revealed, however, if what the Fed found in his Laptop connects with sleeping with Kids more arrest would come.

Jeffery Epstein  house  in Florida is very close to President Trump’s Maralago , he often called himself Trump’s neighbor.

Monday  July 8th will be a great news for the conservative against this fund raiser for the Democrats and it is not likely if CNN, MSNBC and other Liberal News like New York Times, Washington Post would give it publicity.

Jeffery’s case is similar to what happened to R. Kelly who lost his phone, the person who bought it in a pawn store discovered all the sex with Kids and abuse he had covered before from his past arrests and charges that were dropped because of his connections to past administration majority of them from Chicago the political home of  President  Obama, the guy turned the phone to the police and  R.Kelly his case on sex was  reopened like that of Jeffery Epstein.

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