Biafra: Agitators are Drop outs, says Kokori


kokoriNEWSZENTS “It is very unfortunate what the Biafran agitators are doing. They are not really serious about it. They do not know the enormity of what they are demanding. Those goading and pushing them into the protests are doing so for selfish reasons. They are playing on the intelligence of the agitators, who are mostly miscreants and dropouts. There are no serious persons among them. At this stage, the real Igbo leaders should tell them that we have passed that stage in Nigeria, says Kokori the popular former Secretary General of Petroleum and Gas Union

Kokori said further, It is not that the pro-Biafra protests are anyhow similar to that of the bestial attacks of Boko Haram. But the Igbo leaders must speak out in time to check the situation. I do not think any serious Igbo will support their demands. The agitators do not even believe what they are clamouring for. The protests are even only within the South-East. Delta, Rivers, Akwa Ibom and other states are not fully involved.”


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