Bauchi Kids Child vs Child marriage : A challenge to Nigeria


NEWSZENTS: For decades, we have witnessed and accepted child marriage with elders in some parts of the country as normal and as unconcerned actions of our society because a religion and tradition gave the go ahead for it.

For centuries, in the South of Sahara, we have justified the same ugly act of an old man sleeping with kids in the name of marriage as a status symbol  but we forget to take the emotions and mental feelings of the kids and their friends into consideration.

Do kids really have feelings or fantasy of relationship among themselves before the adult’s eventual  invasion?

We have no idea but they do.

Our religion and tradition failed to define this emotional feelings of underage kids for both male and female, who probably started understanding the hormones and sexual changes through the first signs of puberty and  changes in their body composition, usually noticeable with female kids through the mammary gland development and monthly menstrual periods.

The Oracle says,  the only two reasons anyone could think as to why an adult would want to have a carnal/ intercourse knowledge with underage is to have the first taste of “Apple of Eve” betwen the legs of little and helpless girl.

The other reason is spiritual as most of those adults eventually use the first blood of virgins for voodoo either for longitivity or money rituals as revealed in a research conducted in the seventies.

The research further said most of adults in underage kids never stopped at one, they usually go for six or seven female kids in their life time, they are like Butterfly in search of bud taste of rose periwinkle flowers.

Furthermore, those whose faith had promised them virgins in heaven probably want to have the first feelings on earth before the heavenly stuff, on a more serious note, legally and traditionally, our system failed to understand the fantasy of a kid, himself or herself in marriage relationship with his or her peers.

It failed to protect  instead it exposed the kids to life changing negative process in which age requirement and health of the kids should have been considered.

It is unfortunate our Pyschology Departments in all the Universities in Nigeria never had a clinical study or research on the incentives and emotional breakdowns of kids affected in a child marriage, if ever there was one, the findings never attracted the thinking of our State and Federal government.

However, In Bauchi State,  in the Northern part of Nigeria most of the male kids saw how the elders in their state invaded their fantacies for decades with child marriage, how the system stole their dreams, they faced separation from  their girl friends because of their virginity in competition with adults, it became a concern to them.

Bauchi kids  took a step ahead of the elders of their community to remove the very incentives of the elders in their fantasy, they took the virginity away from the equation table, through the marriage,  they now have among themselves, they now have sex “legally” in their own eyes  not only that, what inspired the elders is now made cheaper with affordable bride price.

All of a sudden, a threatened society of elders of vampires and State government of pedophile felt the kids marrying themselves must be illegal and actions must be taken, they still however, fail to understand the very incentives of the game which is the “Apple of Eve” between the two small legs of the female kids which is now in competition between the adults and male kids in exchange for the feelings on both sides and

What are they?

Literarily, innocent observers on this “illegal”  marriages would take side with the State Government for shutting down the school or schools involved but the real issue would still be neglected, first, by charging only N500 among themselves as the bride price, the kid devalued the market, the price affected the quality of the market.


Most of the parents involved in the child marriage In Africa did it for money, because of poverty, and marrying away kids to a rich man could uplift them too, a symbolic social status improvement but when the kid do it directly among themselves the quality of the market will be affected.

The Oracle says adults in  Bauchi and all thw states in Niigetia who are  protesting against the kids action are not totally sincere,  probably for economic reaction to price changes that now affects demand and supply.

Research even revealed in some parts of the North of Nigeria, a female kid is not allowed to have her second or third menstruations in her parents house, it is a taboo they say, if she can menstrate, she must be mature enough for marriage, is the general acceptable norms of such a society.

Secondly, through marriage among themselves , the Bauchi the kids provided emotional stability for themselves, they shamed the elders of their community for centuries of neglect and posted a challenge like the defiant and unrepentant Abiku in the Wole Soyinka poem….”must I weep for goat and cowries” meaning  the kids in Bauchi gave Nigeria and her people a challenge to reform of face the worst of social or societal revaluation.

The above is the take of the Oracle on the Bauchi kids, it is a process now where the two wrongs can be right if we fail to reform, if a  female child at 12yrs is mature enough in the eyes of the elders because they want the “Apple of Eve” it should be the same process for the male kids, no matter his age, after all it is a free country a nation of pedophile with no feelings for the spiritual and emotional fantasy of the kids it could be the message the Bauchi kids want the nation to address.

Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer and author.


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