Autopsy Report on Jeffery Epstein could indicate possibility of strangulation


NewsZents: The New York Autopsy report on the late Billionaire Jeffery Epstein who died in a Democrat State of NewYork in a Federal Prison of suicide  as previously mentioned  could also  be related to neck broken bones often associated with strangulation because hyoid neck bones were affected.

In another report in the Manhattan home of Jeffery Epstein, a naked painting of former US President Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky popular blue dress on was also taken as evidenced.

Sean Hannity of Fox News the most seen on US cable Network informed his listeners more women are now ready to testify including the recruitor of those young ladies for the rich.

The public is waiting for what the FBI  found in Jeffery Epstein’s Island of Sin and why the rich visited the Island.


To be continued


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