APC: House of Cards colapsed


If APC had used EPS recommended to Asiwaju Tinubu in person and in writing by this Oracle which he and his group neglected, today, APC will not be facing any crises of identity.

Instead, APC leadership  in their wisdom or otherwise went for stealing of uncommitted PDP members to win like a thief, the joy of winning is permanent, the current breakaway is the result of that neglect.

APC did not build a team or a system of winners, instead APC built walls around the objectives based on religion, tribalism, and godfather mentality. Hence it is very easy for the Party of Tinubu and Buhari to be taken over by the Cabals.

For the same reason it is difficult for the Party to discipline or fire any corrupt and unperforming Ministers and all of them to the funny system they operate with, look like saints in midst of iniquities.

You will reap what ever you sow is not a cheap talk. APC destroyed PDP to win, why will APC too not be destroyed by the same method?

The APC will break into pieces more after the primaries are done with and will be treated in the way it got to Abuja with all the members moving away.

Until EPS is adopted the current situation will continue with men and women without honors in government



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