Anti-Semitism: The bold face of it in US Politics


Democrat Party’s anti-Semitism did not start with Congress woman Ilhan Omar today as the CNN and the liberals would want us to believe, the seed of it all was planted by the doyen of their Party, President Barack Hussain Obama and former President Bill Clinton who was labeled Arab President in US politics.

Alexander Casio-Cotez with Ilhan Omar

As President, Barack Hussein Obama was too friendly with all the Muslim nations that hated Israel, he infact clashed more with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu than he did with any Islamic and anti-Semitism nations.

On national television discussion with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he tried to redefine the Israel border with the enemies of Israel and he was publicly rebuffed by Israel PM who lectured him on the history and success of the fight over the Palestinians and he Obama did not like it.

After that, President Obama refused to sit down in any meeting with the Prime Minister of Isreal despite all advice from past Presidents on the role of Israel, not only as an ally and democratic society in the middle East but also the research center for all the US companies.

During Israeli general elections, President Obama played the same role his Democrat Party now accused Russia of doing in 2016 Presidential election, US under his leadership sponsored opposition against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israeli elections.

Former President, Baraak Hussain Obama

The Israeli PM had to address US Congress in DC without approval from the White House to ask President Barack Hussein Obama to stay away from Israeli elections, at the end of the day, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won his re-election and Obama was sad, despite his failure to unseat Natayahu he continued all his anti-Semitism activities.

When the need for US to apply her veto power to protect Israel during a United nations resolution, President Obama did not, he looked the other way , he left Isreal in the cold during several UNO resolutions which never happened in the history of US/Israeli relationship.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Unknown to Anti-Semitism with Obama ideology, Israeli is almost unwritten 51st State of America, and a complete loyalty to Israel is never in doubt or unheard off until Obama with a Muslim middle name became US President.

In his first speech, in Cairo Egypt, President Obama called himself one of them, one of what? It was how his presidency was defined with lesser influence of Israel in the politics of US and open hands to Islamic countries including thousands of refugees with hatred for Israel and most of them were resettled in States that produced more Americans Jihadists with the sole aim to destroy Israel.

One of the states is Minnesota, the adopted home state of Congress woman Ilhan Omar from Islamic country of Somalia who is now spearheading anti-Semitism in the US Congress and Democrat liberals for all anti-US values in the name of freedom are now reluctant to condemn Ms Omar, she could not even be looked in the face to apologize for her statement. It exposed the Democrats as a Party of girly face.

Ilhan Omar family fled Somalia in 1995  when Bill Clinton was President and they secured asylum status in US today Minnesota is the home to over 70,000 Somalians according to US Census Bureau, a blue state, that supported Hillary Clinton by 95 percent votes in 2016 elections which Trump won, Omar herself a Democrats won her Congessional District  by 80 percent.

In the same US Congress in the past, those who spoke against the values of the nation had been removed from committee, or suspended from from the House itself and some were made to resign, it is very sad to note how the Speaker Nancy Pelosi is just too scared to openly condemn one of her own.

This is not the end, it an open attack on Israel and what Democrat Party will openly embrace in 2020 election, to avoid being asked questions now, DNC banned Fox News from any of the debates of Democrats Presidential primaries.

However, it will not be able to cover anything in the Presidential Debates particularly their plan to destroy US Constitution with plan to remove electoral college vote system, reducing the voting age to 16 years, removing “In God we trust” from all government institutions, “so help me God” during oath of office, open border, support for Socialism, and abrogation of ICE and allowing illegal immigrants to vote as they are currently doing in California.

Those are the new values of Democrats from the seed planted by  Bill Clinton and Obama and it is coming out boldly from those with Omar open admission and her greatest can, Congress woman, Alexander Casio-cortez who is currently going after the values of US past Presidents.

Like in the French revolution, it will not only destroy the values of US as protected by the Republican Party, it will in future destroy Democrat Party itself as all their heroes like Obama, Congress woman Omar call Pretty face wicked man, liar and killer like other presidents, Alexander Cadio- Cotez just attacked Past US President as racists, evil and move towards socialist movements.

The end is not far

Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer


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