Andy Ruiz may be stripped off his 3 heavyweight belts if he fails to fight Joshua in Saudi Arabia as contracted: NEWSZENTS


Andy Ruiz  of California USA of Mexico descents may be stripped off his three World Havyweight belts if he fails to fight Joshua in Saudi Arabia in December 1st, 2019 as contracted.


A legal action from Hearns, the promoter may even stop him from fighting any other boxers until he honors his contract with Anthony Joshua for a rematch.

Andy Ruiz action to renege may be a new revelation as to how he allowed others  particularly anti-AJ group to dictate to him on how he could change the contract with a rematch clause in any location of the former Champion’s choice.


Since Andy Ruiz won the belts in an upset win in June 1st,  2019, he had made all enemies of AJ his new friends or advisers and it is not unlikely they must have been telling him how to circumvent the contract which if fails may end his rising career.

Is he aware of this?

Andy Ruiz advisers are Deontay Wilder the WBC Champion who dodged the fights with AJ in the past, Lennox Lewis former undisputed Heavyweight Champion of UK a known critics of Anthony Joshua and host of others.

Andy Ruiz cited parts of US State Department new regulation which described Saudi Arabia unsafe for Americans at a time no American was killed or attacked in Saudi  Arabia, the advise came as result of the death of a Saudi Journalist in Turkey which had been linked to a Saudi Prince.

Prior to this, Saudi Arabia fight arrangement, cities and nations were involved in bidding, New York City with Madison Square Garden , Las Vegas, and in England O2 Stadium,  Cardiff  and Wimbledon all showed interest until Saudi Arabia won final  bid. after beating Dubai.

Anthony Joshua on his own, had  visited  Nigeria, the home nation of his parents to look for the possibility of staging the fight in Lagos or Abuja, unfortunately for him, Gov Amosun  of Ogun State who had talked to him in the past after he watched his fight against another fighter was no longer in office and he  AJ could not secure the support of Buhari’s administration.

Andy Ruiz, the new  Champion  on his own despite the clause in the contract did not give him the right to find the fight location approached Mexico his home country without any success, until Saudi Arabia won the bid.

The next three months on the Saudi fight will be very interesting, in view of the money involved, as Ruiz may be asking for more money  before he can  honor his contract.

Will that be okay?

The fight despite the noise from Andy Ruiz has been approved by IBF with the winner to fight Pulov as a mandatory challenger on or before May, 2020. Pulov was the mandatory for AJ who pulled off because of injury.

Ruiz may be stripped off the IBF Belt  before December based on this new approval and conditions  to the December fight,   also  WBA and WBO  if he  aRuiz fails to show up in Saudi Arabia may lose his belts

Can this be done? If yes, what will be the next option?

Yes it can be done,  when Mohamed Ali was stripped off of the title as a result of his refusal to join in Vietnam war Ken Norton became the Champion, the same could happen to Ruiz, or Bowick who refused to defend his belt, he threw the belt into the trash.

Oracle says, Ruiz will have no choice than to fight in Saudi Arabia otherwise AJ will fight Pulov in Saudi  Arabia to recover one of the three belts.


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