Andrew Weissmann stepping down from Special Counsel Mueller Team


Andrew Weissmann an American Attorney, the most feared prosecutor in the Special Counsel team of Robert Mueller investigating President Trump and a friend of the Clintons who even attended her campaign events investigating the Russian collusion since 2017 will step down from the team this week.

Mr. Weissmann will study and teach law in one of the liberal states in the East coast universities predictably New York University and will also take up public service duties.

Andrew penetrated the wall of Paul Manafort 69 over his crimes in Ukraine very unregulated to Russia collusion in 2016 elections, in which Paul may spend almost eight years of his life in jail.

(Sally Yates an Obama appointed DAG with Andrew Weissmann )

Andrew Weissmann in one of his resumes, got conviction  on the Gambino Crime family, and Enron Corporation leading to the conviction of Kenneth hand and Jeffery Skillings in Houston Texas.

Before Andrew Weissmann joined  the Special Counsel team,  his ties to the Clinton and Democrat Party was an open secret, he attended and donated to Clinton 2016 election, he wrote a note to support Sally Yates the Acting Attorney General who defied President Trump over the ban on seven Islamic states for non compliance to security clearance on travellers to US.



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