Ajimobi: Our Constituted Authority and Social media friend is gone


AJIMOBI: Consituted Authority. Our social media friend is gone.

As a man thinkest so it shall be says the Holy Book, late Governor Abiola Ajimobi was rumored to have asked Allah for just 70 years on earth and it was what he got from the Supreme God.

Ajimobi was a colorful politician, he left a mixed landmarks in Oyo State politics, his good sides outshined the ugly sides of his, he was a better Governor in the state since Bola Ige with renewed infrastructure which made the land of Oluyole beautiful better than how he met it.

To those of us born and lived in the City of Ibadan in the fifties, sixties and seventies, Governor Ajimobi did a lot to lift up the areas, we knew as Mokola, Ekotedo, Dugbe roads and Old Ring Roads they all became a beauty to this writer, the last time, I was in the old city of Bishop Finn, Bishop Alaba Job and Father Clifford of the sixties. Ajimobi changed Ibadan for the better.

Late Abiola Ajimobi known as the Constituted Authority on the social media, for his sharp tongues, he was colorfully funny with his choices of words, a carrot and stick Governor who would remain the first Governor to have two terms in Oyo State,

Before Abiola Ajimobi it was a taboo or an unheard adventure for two terms in Oyo politics, Bola Ige begged for it, he was denied, Olunloyo, Akala, Lam Adesina and all before Ajimobi who stepped into Agodi House craved for it without luck.

Ajimobi even at 70 years never looked his age, he was not fat, he excercised regularly , he was a treamed fit person, he had a penciled lined mustache that often reminded the Oracle of Dev Anad or Shammi Kapoor of the India actors of the seventies.

Late Abiola Ajimobi had a hanging smile on his face all the time, he reminded me of my late friend Kehinde Shokeye of Ogun State Polytechnic days politics, if Ajimobi loved you, his eyes would connote it and if he was against you, his smiles would still remain fixed on his eyes.

To those who had his ugly sides, like Olubadan of Ibadan and a challenged Yinka Ayefele over his destroyed buildings, they both could compare him with late Governor Abubarkar Rimi of Kano State of the eighties in the Second Republic who shared similar personalities.

In all, late Ajimobi meant well for the people of Oyo State despite his shortcomings and tactical errors his attack or disagreement with Olubadan of Ibadan would be what his people will have to overlook to accord him a heroic status.

Ajimobi after his failure to return to the Senate unlike his Ogun State counterpart Ibikunle Amosu who won election, within APC Ajimobi built up bridges with the North, he had his family married into the power base of the North, he exported Yoruba culture and tradition into the hearts of the Fulani and Hausa and emerged the second most powerful politician in the SouthWest behind Bola Tinubu.

In the South, he became one of the pillars of Jagaban Ashiwaju Tinubu faces in the North, he reminded this Oracle, the reincarnation of late Chief Augustus Meridith Adisa Akinloye also from Ibadan like him, who could spend any night in any home in Nigeria without fear, meaning, late Ajimobi was a detribalised individual with love for music and grassroots politics.

As the people of Oyo State mourns for his death rumored to have been as a result of Covid-19, his people at Ibadan will have to take consolation on his good works each time they drive on those beautiful roads in their state.

The Oracle says a man who served his employer for 26 years retired and served in elective positions 4 yrs as a Senator and 8 years as Governor within the 70  years God permitted him earth was a successful person.

To those of us in the social media Ajimobi was our friend, he made our days with his colorful words and politics such unique people are not many and we will miss him a lot.

May his soul rest in peace with almighty Allah the actual Constituted Authority of mankind and finisher of everything.

Oracle Zents writes from Mastic Beach New York.


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