Again, Joe Biden Chickened out, shifted declaration date


Following the announcement of  Lucy Flores a woman who accused  United States former Vice President Joe Biden of Sexual harassment and her plan to expose more on him, the former VP shifted his Wednesday Presidential declaration date again and it will be  the second time since he gave the impression he was going to run for the highest office after eight years as VP to Barack Obama.

Joe Biden with an  unusual act or candor for touching women, kissing their heads,  smelling and sniffing women hair particularly the young ladies without permission may infact chicken out without any announcement.

The shift in date probably affected Biden’s numbers in the polls and he is now behind Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and three points ahead of Mayor Butteggi of South Bend of the State of Indiana, the first open gay running for US President.

Peter Buttigie and his husband Gilezma

United States  is almost a nation with  15% population of Gays, Lesbian, transgender and Bi-sexual, otherwise called LGBT and the rising in polls of the only open gay presidential candidate may indicate if America may be ready for an LGBT President after eight years of a Black President and, almost a woman as President in 2016 when Hillary lost to Donald J Trump.

All other declared Democrat candidates may be wasting their time, as the DNC ticket is likely to be from  the trio of Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Buttigggi.

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