African Americans: Life is competition


African Americans: Life is competition.

The White man is never 100% going to stop progressing or oppression in any form for the Blacks to catch up with them, this Oracle says only the blacks can fix the blacks problems.


We must start by fixing individual problems first, get education, be the best in our God’s given talents, avoid crimes, be a role model, u think this is difficult?

No, how did Oprah, Tiger Woods, the Johnson etc make it in the same ugly system?

They did not look for manna from heaven

It is like asking the South of Nigeria to hold on its development for the North to catch up, it will never happen, happily today, the North is no longer blaming the South some of them have the best roads, Agric businesses and schools now.


They are looking inwards and improving daily, they are now asking their leaders questions, these are some of what the blacks in America should be doing instead of blaming slavery and expecting reparation like manna from heaven.

This Oracle will ask them to take a cue from the North of Nigeria, think inward, get education, start your own businesses, help your community to be free of crimes, see fellow African Americans even from Africa as an extension of your family, stay away from selling drugs in any form, don’t even smoke marijuana, no matter how little.

Politically, join other political groups other than Democrats, take the best of all the parties, groups and associations, take a look at the Hispanics, despite the so-called system they are building and strategizing themselves with Larasa group better than the blacks.

In any City, where the Black are more in population, they need to demand for black looking Policemen and women instead of White Police to man their communities.

They have to vote out useless Mayors, and Governors change your leaders, elect people based on results, not on slavery sentiments.

If you expect the Whites to let go that your forefathers were slaves to theirs at one time, that will be a pipe dream only you, with how you package your life can free yourself from slave mentality.

Therefore brothers and sisters, tell yourself first, slavery is over, in your life, and that of your children, and your community, stop preaching hatred to the coming generation, preach hard work, preach positive result, preach competition.

Life is based on competition my friends, if u can’t compete, you will watch the parade and you will make a fool of the dreams of Rosa Park when she refused to sit at back of the seat in the Bus in Alabama, or that of President Obama who became President in the same ugly system you are told.

Obama, in speech “Toward a better Union” , called every home racist, and I agree with him, we are all racist, in everything we do and how we see others, only our results can free us from slave mentality, it was how Obama got his freedom and respect, it is possible for you too.

Zents Sowunmi writes from New York.


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