Africa: What then is left?


The Whites came peacefully to us in black Africa  and we got carried away with everything they offered us, and before we could know the implication of their intentions, the Oracle says in ommission or commission of minds,  they had taken away  everything from us, everything,  like a friendly thief, or a cone artist with a big and unsuspecting  smile on his face.

Our religion will never take us to heaven, the White men  told us, and we believed them,   in surprise to our gods themselves we  neglected what was ours from the begining for the dreams of the Whites, they told us about  the miracles and heaven filled with unseen Angels to singing to unseen Supreme God and we believed.

To further convince us, we were told Olodumare, Chukwu, Osanobuwa, and Nanabuluku including all the names we had associated Supreme God with  in Africa had angels too, that could sing Hallelujah songs and they said our shrines never had eyes on the throne of  Olodumare except the blood of the sacrificies, they called our gods demons again we beliewed.

More like a bewilded and unsuspecting adverturers or tourists, we have continued for centuries to watch the parade of the shrines of our gods filled with cold ashes from the day the White men set their feet on our continent, with their religion, the Oracle is asking  when and  if the gods in black Africa ever will talk ?

We will still continue to turn deaf ears because that is who we are, we are too careless to understand.

Our children   taken away through slavery centuries ago are more loyal to our gods than those at home, they hold firmly the link between our gods and motherland.

Our Language which is our  connection to the  mother nature is often interacted and interjected with languages of the white men to make them happy and in contempt of everything we are to them, the White men smiled on the eternal conquest of minds and hopes they had secured on more than a billion Africans.

Our dressing did not escape the attack either,  dress like the white men to look better they say, as ropes on the necks became ties, shoe laces like the shakles on the legs made our shoes acceptable.

The buttons on our shirts  now replaced the free flow of air that could go without any hindrance from our traditional dresess, the suits unfit for the hot weather in Africa became the mode of dressing and in discomfort we put  smiles on our faces.

Our traditional  system of governance like our religion was thrown under the bus, they called it democracy, our Obas, Obis, and Emirs in helplessness became the victims of our careless foreign adventures.

They are not done with us, now they are replacing our food with theirs, they took the respect of elders away from our children, our gods are lonely, the shrines are cold with ashes and everyday in real  sense of it Africa is naked.

What then is left?

Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer and author.



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