6ps of President Trump Stategies


NEWZSZENTS: In the last 50 years, no United States Political Party in the White House ever kept the majority in both Senate and the House after the Mid-Term elections, however, like the surprise of the 2016 Presidential election which Donald Trump won, he said it will change in 2018. And he is campaigning all over the country to make it good for him and history.

Unfortunately, the liberals particularly the Democrats led by retired President Obama and CNN with no  visible leaders for 2020 election except the former Mayor in the state of New Jersey now Senator Booker, they are all thinking and dreaming the 45th US President Donald Trump will be impeached out of sentiments not out of what the Constitution says.

What a pity!

The Oracle says it will be neccessary to remind them (Trump haters and those with arrested knowledge of US Constitution) that they have no idea how US system operates or too much in denial of the reality of 1789 Philadelphia US Consitution just like the way they refused to understand or accept why James Madison in 1789 defended the application of Electoral college votes to protect smaller states in how US elects the President, it was from the virginia proposal known then as “the fear of intrigues”

To the readers with business background, just like Donald Trump who studied Business Finance in Philadelphia,  it is better to understand the 6 P’s of marketing which was expanded from 4 to 6 by late Professor Peter F Drucker from Canada in the eighties.

Product, price, promotion, and placement were the first 4P,s of strategic marketing to be successful in business. Drucker propounded additional theory that 2Ps more will be needed to consolidate the 4ps otherwise, government policies and global strategies can mess up the intended success of a business, in the theory, Drucker enjoined businessmen and women not to stay idle or shy away from supporting or investing in politics, it should be the ultimate for them, he wrote.

Most of business leaders did, they took one of the Ps instead of the 2ps he recomended, they went for politics without seeking elective positions, like Steve Jobs of Apple, Bill Gates of Microsolf etc they donated to political parties in form of social responsibilities, some like Donald Trump a real estate Guru, and TV personality, donated to both parties to stay afloat all the time, and non of them had the gutts to add the last of the Ps to complete the 6ps of marketing strategies of Peter Drucker.

However, in 1992, a business man with computer industries Ross Peros did, he ran for President and was able to secure 25% of the votes, his attempt gave the victory to Bill Clinton and Bush 41 then President lost re-election.

In 2008, Donald Trump tested water about  with relative unknown party before he went back to repackage himself for 2016.

Donald Trump won the 2016 because he studied the constitution and was able to mode his campaign strategies towards result not unconstitutional popular votes but around the 6ps of strategic marketing of politics. He made himself the #1. Product of his dream, #2 Promotion , #3. Placement #4 Price #5 Politics and by 2016 he knew he had to add #6 Power to it.

When Bill Clinton in midst of scandal after 1996 elections was asked how he won second term, he said he allowed his opponents to assume he was naive, he kept them focus on impeachment instead of spreading their messages to the electorates.

The above Clinton strategy is being replayed, the Democrats are focused more on the impeachment of President Trump than any message that can win 2020 election for them.

As the crooked dosier obtained to get FISA search on Trump campaign is failing, and deep red state in the FBI, like James Comey, McCabe, Peter Stryok, Lisa and others exposed, it is glaring the document to be used to get a convincing impeachment or indictment is no longer valid more also, the Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh reminded the Senate that no sitting President can be indicted.

Without indictment for crimes, there is no room for impeachment, and without impeachment there is no conviction and more also the report of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller is not for public consumption while Trump is still in office. And you wonder if the Liberals ever read this part of the US Constitution or just being funny with speculation from CNN and New York Times to keep them busy or what?

Is Impeachment possible?

The answer is NO.


Since Mueller Special Counsel report will not be public and it will not be discussed on the floor of the House if Relublican can keep the House, and 60 votes is impossible from the Senate to get Trump out of office it is a form of hallucination to assume so.

Note, Democrats 18 Senate seats will be on the line this mid-term election in November 2018, and 10 of them are in the states Trump won heavily in 2016 and the chances of Republicans keeping the Senate is brighter than Democrats taking it only the House is where the battle is, but not enough to unseat Trump as President.

This Oracle says all the 25 coal producing states in US are solidly for Trump, and the south, and midwest states are very happy with Trump, with the jobs creation of 400,000 in the manufacturing industries and 106,000 mining jobs they will not trade their votes for Democrats.

Before you consider Democrats and their dreams, note this, out of 2,740 counties (local Governments) in US, Trump won in 2200 counties and Hillary Clinton won in a little above 520 counties, the real Americans outside three big Cities in NY, Florida and California are behind Donald Trump.

Tell the Democrats, and all the liberals around you to prepare for massive defeat in 2020 like President Reagan did to them in his second term in which Reagan won every state except Maine out of the 50 States, 2020 presidential elections will be very close to that again.

Finally, the only window opportunity for Democrats is the House not the Senate and that is what Trump will attempt to deny them.

Zents Sowunmi, is a New York based writer


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