27 US Universities research military records hacked by Chinese hackers


Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT along with 26 other United States of America institutions  became  victims of hackers from China.

What were the hackers looking for?

All US Universities with ties to US military research and development particularly marine programs are now at risk and in most cases are not as secured as one would have expected hence the Chinese found these loopholes.

How did the Chinese hackers do it?

The hacker sends to the University a fishing email on admission requirement for any program as soon as the applicant is admitted with University identification and school records, the hackers are able to gain entrance into the school academic records.

This is not the first time Chinese hackers are breaking into US records, President Obama’s White House Personnel record of over 17,000 Federal government staffers got hacked in 2015, and nothing was done or treated like the so called of Russia hackers on DNC server 2016.

Chinese companies like Huawei also hacked the technical records and system of T-Mobile until the daughter of the Chinese company was arrested in Canada for repatriation to US about six months a go.

As a Presidential candidate in 2016, Donald J Trump warned his nation to see China as a competitive nation that would do anything to get the intellectual properties of companies and institutions  including hacking of US military instead of focusing more on Russia.

China is also taking a hit at two other areas of US global control and one of them is the Internet which is currently a monopoly of US Government, secondly, US dollars that is a major world exchange currency.

China recently got approval from IMF to float Yuan its currency as a world exchange currency after the previous plan of China with four other nation failed to yield a result, those nations were, Russia, India, Brazil  and South Africa.


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