223,000 New Jobs added in May in America


US Department of Labor announced today June 1st that the economy added 223,000 new jobs for the month of May alone which exceeded the expectations of the Wall Street analysts.

The above job creation brought the unemployment figures to 3.8% the lowest since 2000, it was 3.9% in April and 4.1% in March, with this new figure it is predicted unemployment could hit 3.5% the lowest since 1969.

A steel company in America in the last week of May re-opened with 500 old workers as a result of President Trump policy on tariffs on imported steel and alumnium.

In all, African Americans unemployment figure always the highest in the country went down to 6% the lowest since 1969, Hispanics and women also went down, 98,000 new manufacturing jobs created this year alone, meaning manufacturing companies are re-opening and creating “made in America” products.

In his response, President Trump said, US manufacturers will be ready to export again to any parts of the world after his administration freed the manufacturers from the deprieved and reckless policies of the last three administration, over NAFTA, TPP and other policies which makes USA to lose billions.

The above is not a good news for the Democrats who are still in search of message or messages for the Mid-term elections.

The Oracle says apart from immigration over MS13 a deadly killing group from South America which their House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi openly supported because President Trump called them animals and the unproven Russia collusion in the 2016 election which Hillary Clinton lost constitutionally through electoral votes, winning only 500 counties out of 2,700 counties in America, it is problem for the Democrats.



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