2023: Buhari’s agenda already destroyed the next Presidency


NEWSZENTS: Suppose all Imported Buhari’s so-called repented Boko Haram teams up with Myetti to fight Amotekun? Are we ready for it?

Or why would Myetti, a supporter group of those allegedly linked to killing of farmers and kidnappers in the country be attending Amotekun Security Bill hearing in all the Western States House of Assembly and at the same time President Buhari is shipping into to the country his so-called repented Boko Haram members, something is smelling here.

What was even the process of repentance according to President Buhari and his group?

A catholic would talk and confess his or her sins to the Priest to be considered repented, also a Christian of other denomination would pray fast and make restitution before his or her repentance  is accepted,

Also a drug addict would go for Rehabilitation therapy before being certified clean, however President Buhari did not reveal to the National Assembly or the Nigeria Public the process of repentance of his Boko Haram friends, only his inner circle knew the process

The so-called  repented Boko Haram were never fingerprinted, no DNA taken, past records and killings not documented, we have no record of ammunitions and guns taken from his so called repentant killers.

What a crappy President?

When a country is run by illiterates with ugly agenda you can expect anything, by 2023, the next President from the South will be too weak and overwhelmed to do anything to stop Buhari’s agenda if he is not stopped now.

The National Assembly members need to speak out, the press, the Nigeria Bar Association needs to drag Buhari to Court to explain the process of repentance considered by his administration from a group of killers still with kidnapped Nigerians and blood in their hands.



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