2020: US Senator Kamala Harris declares for US President


Newszents:A 54 years old US junior Senator from the state of California Kamala Harris did not form exploratory committee for president like those before her, she started the process straight unlike, others

Senator Kamala Harris

Until her stay in the US Senate, Kamala Harris was the Attorney General for the State of Califirnia until her election in 2016, and one of the strong faces of the Democrats noted for tough questions on the Republican nominees, a biracial American born in San Francisco to parents from Jamaica and India.

Kamala is a strong voice if the Democrats in the Senate, with tough questions on the Senate floor to Justice Kavanaugh and former Attorney Jeff Session.

Within 24 hours of her declaration for President her campaign team had raised almost two million making her the front runner. Harris has employed the services of most of the staffers of Hillary Clinton who lost the 2020


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