2020 Predictions from the Oracle.


Oracle’s 2020 US Predictions.

2020 will be a better year for US economy, all the new trade deals of President Trump will start yielding result from the new USMCA which replaced Nafta, to the China and Japan trade deals, a new UK trade is expected in the second or third quarter on 2020, the national debt will be addressed in a logical way than the time of President Bill Clinton.

President Trump will attempt to renegotiate the national debts and loans signed by previous administrations, the Democrats controlled Congress will resist, they will spread fear of how US credit rating will be affected.

The Oracle says China will also invest more in manufacturing in US, Russia for the first will do manufacturing business with USA in America, Trump will attempt to host Putin in US like George Bush 43rd President did, who even slept for two days in Crawford Texas in Trump’s case, the Oracle will not be surprised if Putin stays in Maralago house of Trump.

President Trump will make it clear under his presidency Russia will not be seen as enemies of America, Korea will behave with no one to fight. Iran will be lonely in its hatred for US.

Nigeria will continue to be seen as a friend of US since UK now has Boris Johnson to breathe on Buhari’sneck to stop his anti-South or anti Christians agenda, Buhari will suspend his open border visa to his Muslim North African countries, because a Trump clone in office as Prime Minister in UK will ask him to stop it.

Kalu and Sowore will visit White House, or US State Department to explain the real issues in Nigeria to President Trum, the two of them will be given international award in 2020.

All the friends of Oracle, please note 2020 is a year all enemies of President Trump behind the fake Russia collusion will go to jail with John Durham as the prosecutor, it is also a year, Democrats will lose everything and gain nothing, this Oracle says, Trump electoral college votes will be 310 plus, with 2900 counties and most likely to add the popular votes to it.

CNN may be sold to a new management, or undergo restructuring including some Liberal new agencies many in the media house will find another jobs.

It is has not been revealed to this Oracle if Joe Biden will be the face of Democrats in 2020, the crystal ball did not place Biden on the Democrats ticket. He needs to check his health is the advice of the Oracle for now.


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