2020: Julian Castro declares for US President

Housing and Urban Development Secretary nominee, San Antonio, Texas Mayor Julian Castro testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, June 17, 2014, before the Senate Banking Committee hearing on his nomination. (AP Photo/Lauren Victoria Burke)

NEWSZENTS: Julian Castro former San Antonio Mayor and former President Obama’s Housing Secretary will declare for US President today on Saturday in San Antonio, Texas.

Julian Castro 44 is a son of a Mexican immigrant and very popular among Hispanics in the South and also he is a rising Star in the Democrat Party.

In 2016, Julian Castro was to be the running mate to DNC nominee Hillary Clinton before Senator Kaine, a white male who could also speak Spanish language was picked instead and both Hillary and Kaine lost the votes of the Hispanics to the 2016 winner President Donald Trump of New York State and Vice President Mike Pence of Indiana State.

Julian Castro was born a twin, in San Antonio Texas, his brother Juaqine Castro is a member of the US Congress, a critic of President Trump and supporter of open border to Mexico to Mexicanize United States of America like his brother.

So far the list of Democrats tickets includes, former VP Joe Biden, Senators, Cory, Elizabeth Warren, and former New York Mayor Bloomberg and current NY Mayor De-blasio.

The question is if Julian Castro is strong enough to take on President Trump on all issues.


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