2020: How President Trump is manipulating Democrats


How Trump is Controlling Democrats. ..

President Donald John Trump’s style of politicking is strange to his adversaries, particularly, the Democrats and the United states of America liberal Press, they all forget  Donald  J Trump ones said any type of free publicity is good, that was in the nineties.

Donald Trump loves free publicity and that did not start today or when he became the President, far from it, it was his way of life as a Boxing and Wrestling promoter.

With the control of his Twitter message box, he is able to neutralize the liberal controlled Press of CNN, Washington Post etc to his own advantage.

     Democrats Speaker Nancy Pelosi

In addition to this, he created his own news television station from his Trump Tower managed by his daughter in-Law, together with the support of the Conservative Press led by America’s number one Television Station Fox news, OONA, NewsZents, President Trump is ahead of them all.

Despite the Democrats losing 2700 counties out out of 3400 in America in 2016 to Trump for presenting Hillary Clinton as a flag bearer, this Party of Obama, Clinton and Carter is yet to figure out how Trump is manipulating them to play the game of politics in his own way and styles.

Any publicity both negative and positive is good, was his word in 1992, with this  his impeachment process announced by Speaker Pelosi, President Trump technically removed Democrats from telling the Americans their own agenda that can beat his record. Their agenda on Climate change, health care, taxes, and immigration can not openly express except impeachment that will not even get the Senc

Trump we can say practically picked the candidate of Democrats he wants to run as against him in 2020. And those he picked he destroyed.

Joe Biden is finished technically from winning Democrats nomination, as his numbers went down in the polls behind the new frontrunner Elizabeth Warren and Socialist Bernie Sanders, from the look of things Joe Biden may drop out faster than anyone could imagine.

The impeachment process will make it difficult for all Democrats presidential candidates to present their cases, merit and electability to the Americans, instead, the nation will be talking about Trump alone which exactly what he wanted.

Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer and author of several books available Amazon.com


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